Maaike Kemperman

Psychologist & Licensed Parent Coach®

“Individuals are like every other human being, like some other human beings, and like no other human being”

(Kluckhohn & Murray, 1953)

About me

I am Maaike, a Dutchie and mother of three girls. 

I have always been fascinated by people! In my home country of the Netherlands I obtained a Bachelor in Psychology and a Master in Sociology. I moved abroad, and had a child in three different foreign countries. In between babies and international challenges, I devoted time to several endeavors, like a research project on Third Culture Kids (TCK).

After settling in Zurich, I decided I wanted to make my fascination with people, and my interest in parenting (internationally) my work. I was incredibly fortunate to have been able to complete a year long extensive graduate-level training at the Parent Coaching Institute at the Southern New Hampshire University in Seattle.

During and since completing my course, I have been working with families across Europe to help bring back the joy of parenting. Because, there really is no ‘one best way to parent’, it is all just about finding what works best for you and your family. 

My Coaching

Parenting can be utterly overwhelming and at times, quite isolating. Especially when we are living far away from our own families. I know how easy it can be to fall into survival mode, and to completely lose the joy of parenting. Let me support you in finding back that joy! Together we will discover and design an approach that works for YOU and YOUR family. 

My coaching can help you if you:

  • want to strengthen your relationship with your child(ren);
  • feel like you lack confidence;
  • experience persistent challenges and nothing seems to work;
  • struggle with screen time in your household;
  • feel alone while parenting internationally, and the unique challenges that brings;
  • have children with special needs (like giftedness, high sensitivity, ADHD etc.) and feel like you don’t have enough support to handle the unique challenges this brings.
About Maaike Kemperman

How I work

You are unique and so is your family! Together we will work on reaching your goals, with the strengths and qualities you and your family have. I’m there to support you on this journey. My coaching is judgement free, encouraging and reassuring. 

Your first 30-minute call with me will be free, and there will be no need to commit to anything. We’ll talk about your situation, and what you would like to achieve with the coaching, and I will explain what you can expect from my coaching.  After this call, I will put together a recommendation for how we can work together. Typically I recommend a set of ten 60 minute sessions for one parent, or twelve 60 minute sessions for couples. We will meet regularly, and work on reaching your goals and dreams. We will explore different techniques for you to experiment with, to discover what works best for you and your family. Once the initial coaching is done I offer refresher sessions if desired. Sessions with me take place via video call or in person if you are in the greater Zurich area.


Complete coaching package for one parent*: 1050 CHF
Complete coaching package for a couple**: 1350 CHF
Single coaching session (60 mins): 120 CHF

* Based on 10 sessions of 60 mins each
** Based on 12 sessions of 60 mins each


“Maaike’s hands-on, straightforward, open-minded, non-judgmental and friendly approach make her a great parenting coach. Her ability to make one feel at ease and safe allowed us to have honest discussions where I could raise issues I don’t normally talk about. Throughout the coaching journey I felt she invested herself personally and professionally to achieve results. Maaike is very generous with her time, involvement and the tips that she shares. Little details she drew my attention to bore results. The best proof thereof is the fact that my child’s psychologist asked me what I have done differently in the last couple of months as she could notice a significant improvement in my child’s attitude and behavior. I am also very grateful to Maaike for helping me to feel more confident about my parenting.”

-Oksana, mother of 2.